At Work with Matt Kelly

Favorite Food?  BEER. Oh…you said food? Tacos!

Nicknames?  Machinegun Kelly. Yes, I had it first! Before MGK took it!

Special Talents?  I can play some musical instruments. I also possess a lot of random useless music facts.

Hobbies?  I try to work out a lot: CrossFit, Running. Like most people, I enjoy it about 50% of the time. The rest of the time I love binging on Netflix…flat out being lazy.


– -In response to the coronavirus pandemic Highland Arts Unlimited is rescheduling Seldom Scene, the final show of the season until 2021. West Virginia University has closed its campuses making the auditorium at the Church-McKee Arts Center at Potomac State College unavailable for the planned April 25 performance. Looking forward to the coming year, current […]

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